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The Confessions of a Dealmaker Podcast is made by business owners for business owners. From the heart of Jason Godwin, a Business Intermediary for the Florida Business Exchange and owner of the Exit Strategy Group, the goal of this podcast is to educate business owners on how to optimize their companies. By giving insightful commentary on what aspects of a business impact its salability, our hope is to help entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners succeed in every venture. Through the experiences and knowledge of the host and every qualified guest, we aim to create a community of men and women looking to further advance their business.

“People who are successful decide they are going to be successful. They make that choice. They decide to study hard. They decide to work hard."

Jocko Willink

“Don't play to win, play to play. And when you do that, you cannot lose.”

Alex Hormozi

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Operations Manager for Exit Strategy Group

Business Intermediary for Exit Strategy Group

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